Monday, August 6, 2012

Volunteering to change....

Passed 02days  a very meaningful day, thanks god & my friends let me have the change to joint this wonderful event~ World vision Malaysia organized - 30-hours Famine

That's my 3rd year to be here... ^^

This year have many 1st time been experienced...
1st time stay back in the Stadium with so many volunteers.

1st time to be the key volunteer to lead another 38 volunteers. (actually its a bit similar my job) xp  Amazingly our team 170volunteers to arrange more then 17000 people's seat~~  wow.... 

Our partner...the key volunteer & staff from World Vision M'sia  (group photo haven't get it xp)

1st time work with 800+ volunteers (you all are great!) 

1st time 
fully walk throughout whole stadium so many times... (really uncountable times I'm climb up & down from the Level 4 to the arena the time fasting 30-hours! The last moment ended countdown yet our job still not finish, we need to clean-up the place.. That moment I'm really out of energy to climb...)

N I decide the 1st sponsor child in my life... A small amount try my best to change a child life ^^ 

Even I'm really tired of this event, but I'm NO regret to be there... 
I know I may not able help much...but I try my best & support the children "HUNGER NO MORE" try to change the children's life.  

I'm glad that I can be One of the World Vision's  volunteer!!

"Volunteering to change!!!